Who We Are

Our Purpose

We invest in strategically important races able to change the national landscape for progressive causes. We focus on races where our support is meaningful in helping a candidate reach his or her budget.

Our Candidates

We support women and men, both challengers and incumbents, running for the Senate.

Our Goal

We commit to using our time with a candidate to speak up and speak out about the issues that are most important to us, because we recognize that politicians will not act on these issues otherwise. In so doing, we will become a respected fundraising entity with a recognized voice in the political landscape.

Our Events

The purpose of all of our events is to create spaces where women feel welcome and empowered to speak. In addition to our fundraisers for candidates, we host educational events to help each of our members comfortably and effectively navigate political fundraising and advocacy, regardless of her previous political, policy, or advocacy experience.

Our National Network

Austin Women Invest to Elect is a member of the Electing Women Alliance, a national network of investment groups engaging women in political support. The EWA shares resources, information, best practices, and amplifies the collective power of the women’s political giving circles across the country.


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