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How We Act...

Austin Women Invest to Elect is a giving circle. All member contributions are made directly to the candidates we support. Our Steering Committee votes on our candidate selection.


We seek to operate as a recognized and respected fundraising group that also informs and trains women activists to use financial contributions and collective community action to support meaningful change. 


Specifically, we seek to:

  • Invest in strategically important races. We define a federal race as being strategically important (a) when winning that race will provide an opportunity to advance progressive causes at a national level and (b) where our support is meaningful and necessary to help a candidate reach his or her fundraising goals.

  • Support the candidate that best represents our values regardless of gender but, whenever possible, prioritizing support of female candidates.

  • Hold events where women feel welcomed and empowered to speak up and speak out about the substantive issues that are most important to our group because we recognize that politicians will not act on issues if strong collective groups do not demand representation.

  • Provide tools and training to help all members comfortably and effectively navigate political fundraising and advocacy for progressive issues and potential solutions regardless of their previous political affiliation, policy, or advocacy experience.

  • Operate as an inclusive organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting diversity, democracy, generosity, trust, and mutual respect.

  • Participate with the Electing Women’s Alliance (EWA), a national network of investment groups engaging women in political support. The EWA shares resources, information, best practices, and amplifies the collective power of their affiliated women’s investment groups across the country.

In all of our actions, we commit to:

  • Support: We provide a safe space for women to share, listen, and learn without judgement.

  • Include: We know we are strongest when our membership and leadership reflect the diversity of our community.

  • Learn: We approach each other, our guests, and our discussions with open and curious minds. All questions are good questions. 

  • Build: We make a difference together through constructive conversations and collaboration. We look for ways to build on each other’s ideas for individual and group development.

  • Represent: We commit to being excellent Invest to Elect ambassadors with the public, organizations, and elected officials.





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