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What We Do?

Austin  Women Invest to Elect empowers women to participate fully in the political process, beginning with our Austin chapter, Austin Women Invest to Elect.


We organize our collective power to invest in candidates who support progressive and pro-choice values. And, we provide our members with pathways to find, and develop their personal political activism.


Austin Women Invest to Elect members come from all walks of life.  We are all committed to using our talents and resources to make our country more just, equitable and kind.


Our priority issues include:

  • Women’s reproductive rights

  • Affordable and accessible quality child care

  • Affordable and accessible high-quality physical and mental healthcare

  • Action on climate change

  • Sensible gun regulation

  • Equal human rights for all cultures, races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic classes and political affiliations

  • Racial and economic justice

  • Equal access to quality affordable higher education

  • Immigration reform

  • Criminal justice and policing reform

  • Affordable housing

  • Voting rights and access

  • Equal pay

How We Do It

Austin Women Invest to Elect empowers our members to choose how to invest their time and resources in political campaigns and causes in the most effective and impactful way. 

  • Women become members by committing to donate a certain minimum amount to Invest to Elect candidates in a given year.

  • Invest to Elect hosts fundraisers for candidates who are democratically chosen by our Steering Committee. 

  • We’re not a Political Action Committee (PAC). Our members are in complete control. We do not pool funds for candidates. Each member decides how to allocate her committed annual donation among the candidates chosen by Invest to Elect. Our members give directly to the campaigns of their choice, and they are never required to donate to a particular campaign.


We also host free membership events on key political issues that are led by experts and provide an opportunity for our members to learn, connect with each other, and engage with experienced activists and leaders. Please see our calendar page for upcoming events!


Since we began our work in 2017, Austin Women Invest to Elect has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for U.S. Senate candidates.  We’ve been honored to host outstanding women leaders, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Our group has grown from a few women in a living room demanding a better way to a broad community of politically active women across Texas.


Electing Women’s Alliance

Austin Women Invest to Elect is a member of the Electing Women Alliance, a national network of investment giving groups that harness the collective power of women.

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